Paperplanes is the 2nd independent animated short film from Totem. Done completely in 2D hand drawn animation style and full of colours, Paperplanes looks at an Indian classroom setting with all its chaos and quirks, and subsequently the learning that takes place within the walls. The film is currently under production and expected to complete by late 2019.

Visual Treatment

Growing up in India, we have all been in schools having similar benches, walls and blackboards. There are certain commonalities that we all shared, and we wanted to see a world (school) that we probably went to ourselves. Through the visual treatment, we wanted to bring back all the memories of enjoying childhood, school-friendships and the dynamic of student-teacher relationships.


The film revolves around a bunch of 4th graders faced with a drawing test given by a strict teacher. Each character has a distinct personality and drive; which explores the different perspectives and celebrates individuality. Besides the students, the classroom itself is also a character we wanted to explore as a whole.